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Kyouraku Shunsui's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Kyouraku Shunsui

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Activity Journal - February/March [04 Apr 2007|03:46pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I feel *terrible*.

I wish I could find Nanao-chan and ask her what happened, and how long I've been gone. But she'd probably hit me and tell me that I deserve all this pain and more for being so irresponsible.

But what happened?

There was a large house, with a "shower" and a giant bed... there was horrible tea, children in a large, crystalline lake lined with - marble? And people - the people just didn't match up.

Then there was another large house, and that one held nothing but trouble.

Somehow all this would be more comforting if it were just me, and I could reason that I've gone insane; but Jyuushiro has had many of the same memories, so then what is this?

Did all this really happen when we were sent to the living world to collect Urahara Kisuke and his group? Come to think of it, I don't even know if he's here.

I really should find dear Nanao-chan.

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Activity Log - December [04 Jan 2007|12:26pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Less than ten minutes after we decide to launch the "grand experiment", I met up with Kuu-chan, who was very happy to see me. To be honest, I was glad to see her, too - it had been quite a while since the last time we met, and maybe I was feeling nostalgic, but also (too bad for Kuu) she was the perfect person to try it out on.

Also there was the little boy from before - who made me hope the older Quincy wasn't near, because I don't think we're ready to deal with him yet - as well as another boy and a man who appeared to be his father. I'll say more about him later.

Well, after Jyuushiro showed up and the conversation lulled, there was nothing left to do but try flirting with her. It worked marvelously! Jyuu-chan even got a laugh out of it - I think we'll have to keep this plan, until a better idea comes along.

Now. Back to Ryuzoji. And that was Ryuzoji, as it turned out. When I questioned him about it initially, he claimed ignorance, but slipped up. I suppose it wasn't very nice of me to nail him that way, as it turned out he was only playing dumb for the others present. Once we were alone, though, he told us everything, although it took a bit more to convince Jyuushiro. Eventually, that was accomplished - just in time for Urahara Kisuke to show up.

I wonder which room in this house will he destroy first? Maybe I should ask him about the bathroom, and how to make one....

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November Activity Log [05 Dec 2006|11:13am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


And then this

And then I'll never forget this

Which led to that

And then afterward, there was this

Which was really unpleasant, but was made up for when this happened.

I'm feeling much better now, thank you.
I really need to find out how to build one of those shower things.

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October Activity Log - part 2 [01 Nov 2006|07:22pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I've floated through life like a leaf in the wind, unaware of any destination or purpose. It was a blissful and easy existence, but no one seemed quite satistifed with that. There was something more? And I needed to find it? Of course I didn't know that this was the purpose of all their prodding, immersing me in calligraphy, dance, music, literature... all the arts, to create a spark, perhaps? All this, which I had no interest in.

Of all the unlikely places to find inspiration, I found it - no, I found him - at the Academy, which promised to be a depressing place. Depressing without Jyuushiro, that is. No one could have explained to me that this is what I was meant to find, that this is why they wouldn't allow me to float through life - because by doing so I could have missed something this good.

(Or maybe they were sick of seeing me make a mess of Junko's flower arrangements and were fed up with my singing.)

I only realize now that he was my medium, my subject, and my muse. And as such, I am under his power.

I only realize now that without him, I'm lost, and life is far too long to be in this much pain.

Oh yes. So I'm in a huge castle, and I don't know how to get home. But I can hardly care about that.

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October Activity Log [25 Oct 2006|04:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Just when I expected to feel immense pain before returning to Soul Society, everything went dark and I woke up next to a church statue.

I'm not sure how we survived (I will recommend that shinigami avoid cars at all costs at the next meeting - I'll have to mention it to Nanao-chan), but since we were at the church, then it was time to deploy Ishida-san's escape plan. Kuukaku had wired up all flower arrangements with explosives, and things seemed to be going as planned. When Ishida destroyed the lights and the fireworks started, we protected the sides, in an attempt to ensure safe passage. Aizen rose up from the ground on some mechanism, but it sounded like it backfired on him good. I'm not clear on this, because my attention was focused on the poison darts that started raining down on us.

It was a hopeless situation. This simple plan, to evacuate these humans to Soul Society, has become impossibly difficult. I've been able to handle burning alive while chanting "alcohol is bad" who could say such a thing?!, or being driven off a cliff in a car - but watching Jyuushiro fall was too much. This isn't the way it should end.

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Activity Log - September [25 Sep 2006|10:03am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The good news is that Pretty Boy snapped out of it. Such a relief, because those episodes seem to take such a toll on his health, and if it had gone on much longer, I would have had to take off my pants... and there's no graceful way to take off these lace-up shoes while dancing.

The good news ends there. Silly me, I asked Ikkaku to take us back to the mansion. He seemed confident enough in his abilities, but because of my bad idea, we're all going to die. Well, maybe we won't die as much as forcibly leave these gigai, but that still leaves young Tatsuki-chan and this amusing and dramatic boy rather dead, because of my misjudgment.

I suppose I could jump out of this gigai right now, before the van impacts the ground below, but I can't desert Jyuu-chan, or this little, scared pregnant girl who reminds me somewhat of Nanao-chan Nanao-chaaaan, I miss you!.

So this is how it ends? I truly thought it would have happened a different way.

And if this isn't the end, then I will propose at our next captain's meeting that shinigami either be trained in operating motor vehicles, or ordered strictly to avoid them at all costs.

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This should be a lot more fun, but ... [28 Aug 2006|12:22pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Ishida-san yelled at me to "put my back into it" and believe me, I'm doing the best I can. And while it's been quite a while since the last time I danced undressed in public (I think that was the day I became a captain, after which Yama-jii had some very stern words with me, and said something that ended with him singeing off a good portion of my body hair) I didn't think it could ever be this uncomfortable. But Jyuu-chan is glaring at me - really, I can't be at ease in ANY situation while he's shooting daggers at me with his eyes.

And before even that, he KISSED THE WAITRESS. And it would be one thing if he wanted to explore, or wanted a threesome - honestly, how can I be jealous? - but he did it out of spite, and nothing good ever comes from that.

But before that, I, um, I touched the waitress' behind. But this has always been our little game, and never in two thousand years has he ever misunderstood it to be anything more than that. Otherwise, I never would have adopted such a habit - how could I do something intentionally when I knew it would hurt him, anyway?

And we were having such a good time before that. We had a brief quiet moment before Ryuzoji came over in his normal fashion. And really it IS good to see him, and I was looking forward to getting completely smashed spending some time with him - it would have been one of the rare bright spots to this little adventure.

We really do need to get out. And while Ishida-san may not believe it, I'll fully do my part to support his plan.

...if only I can get Pretty Boy to come back to his senses.

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Activity Journal - mid-July [19 Jul 2006|09:10am]
[ mood | pensive ]

This has been manageable up until this point, but now Jyuushiro is affected and I'm getting a bit concerned.

After consoling Renji and convincing him to speak to Rukia, Jyuu and I had a few words. Well, he had most of the words, and my serenade didn't work this time. Honestly, I can't remember the last time he was so angry, and the things he accused me of were so minor or false that I knew he had fallen under the control of our captors. He had just barely recovered from an episode when this happened. Perhaps I didn't sing long enough, or the captors didn't like the song - regardless of the reason, I also fell under their control after he fell to his knees and hugged me and really, he is so private about these things, he would never do this unless we were alone.

Things escalated between us, especially when I nearly said "Nanao-chan" and then babbled some fiction about the nature of our relationship I would never touch Nanao-chan like that, the flirting and slapping is just something we do and Jyuu knows that, too. The zanpakutou came out, and as much as I didn't want to draw them out against dear Jyuu, I also didn't want to stand and be eviscerated.

Luckily, Jyuu was able to overcome their controls before any damage was done. We were able to rest awhile before Ikkaku roused us.

I'm most concerned about Jyuushiro's health. Two coughing episodes in one day. And now that we're in the Sakura Room, he seems to be trying very hard not to work himself into a third. I hope to the gods that he is successful, and that I will do my part to take care of him.

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[02 Jul 2006|12:21am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

After that wonderful massage from Kuukaku, I left to find Pretty Boy Jyuushiro. No sooner was I on my way that I realized that Miss July's turn-ons included motorcycles and walks on the beach I had forgotten something at the spa.

So, I headed back, and it seemed that as soon as I retrieved the goodies, an attractive young maid was calling my name! He looked a bit cold in the skimpy uniform, so being the gentleman that I am, I offered him something to keep him warm.

I had no idea he had drunk so much, but just then his father arrived another very attractive person, I should add, who upon arriving launched himself at me, screaming "date rape".

Eventually, he settled down and had some interesting information for Yoruichi. In order to ensure their conversation wouldn't be interrupted, Maid-san and I entertained the invisible yet powerful viewers.

This is when we start making our way to the mansion, where Maid-san came from and where Ukitake was waiting for me. However, Maid-san somehow got turned around, and we ended up at the older Ishida's office. These Quincies - I had met some before the Extermination, but these two are rather odd. They fought with each other about sackcloths, alcohol - and the older one even believed that Cat's Cradle would cure a hangover! It didn't seem to work, though. Poor Maid-san should drink more, in order to build up his tolerance.

Then, just when I thought I couldn't be more miserable, Ryuzoji Isshin showed up to save me! I knew he didn't leave to chase after Urahara or Yoruichi. It's even better - he was in love. After a while, we were off to the mansion again, but not before singing a classic with Ryuzoji.

I must have missed Ukitake more than I expected - and really, this was the first time I saw him since we left Urahara's shop - because I picked him up and spun him around. In front of an audience. I suppose the only strange thing about this is that Jyuu wasn't even slightly embarrassed. But right there in that room was a young Vaizored again, in a dress! Isn't that strange? who was going on about how useless shinigami are, and Waterford crystal. He seemed very concerned about how much money we had.

Anyway, Ryuzoji showed up moments later and proceeded to get upset and strangle the young vaizored. So, I took that as time to leave - when Ryuzoji is like that, it's best to give him his space. We retreated to the garden, where we came across Abarai, who was forlornly staring at the hot tub he and Rukia-chan must have been putting it to good use because - he proceeded to tell us about his feelings for her, and about their upcoming wedding. It must be tough for him - to be in love with his taichou's sister, and for this taichou to be so uncharitable to him. Ah well. Love will conquer all in the end, eh? And perhaps he will still let me throw him a bachelor party.

Would we need to invite Kuchiki? It would do him good to relax a little.

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Archive Journal - with random massage oil stains [14 Jun 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I'm afraid I've neglected this journal for far too long. My dear loving Nanao-chan usually takes care of things like this for me. She's so good to me... WHERE ARE YOU, NANAO-CHAN? WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME??

So now that I have a moment, let me bring you up to date.

Currently, I am sitting in a lovely room decorated with candles and flowers and silky throw pillows. There's a magazine on my lap, and my feet are soaking in a beautifully scented tub of warm water.

While I wish it were my Nanao who did this for me, I'm afraid she's not here. In fact I'm not quite sure how I arrived here, though it may have something to do with the very disturbing dream I had just before waking here:

I was trapped inside a hard metal shell. I couldn't communicate with the world around me, as if I were a prisoner of my own body. There were only a few things I could say: 1. I will save you, 2. where is Nanao-chan, 3. my name is Kyouraku Shunsui, and 4. alcohol is bad. As you can imagine, all this made me want to drink and nap in the worst way, but this world didn't have any flowering trees so sleep under, and neither did I have a mouth with which to drink. And then I lit on fire. It was one of the worst dreams I can remember, and I'll need to make sure never to drink whatever it was that I had before that nightmare ever again.

Before that, I was on earth with Jyuu-chan fetching Urahara taichou -san in order to return him to Soul Society. Even though I had trouble using the small screen on the cel phone (they really need to make larger ones for old men like myself), we were able to find the shouten without much trouble, and persuade him to come along with even less.

Ah, I shouldn't forget to mention what happened in Soul Society before even that: It seems that Shiba Kaien has returned to us. Poor Jyuu-chan. I can only be so cautious and protective of him. The possibility that this isn't really Shiba, or that he will disappear just as quickly and mysteriously as he came, is weighing on me. The facts that Shiba Kuukaku confirmed his identity, and the Twelfth Division confirmed that of his zanpakutou, don't bring as much comfort as perhaps they should. Anyway, I suppose we'll have to wait and see what the future brings, eh?

So here I am, soaking my feet and getting a marvelous massage from Kuukaku-san. This smell is called lavendar - I must bring some back to Nanao-chan. I think I'd feel much better after seeing that she is safe.

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First archive post : March [31 Mar 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Well, it seems that some shinigami are having trouble to cope with the recent fiasco with Sousuke-kun...

Hisagi-kun is definitely one of them. He came to my office earlier today, and... his behaviour really worried me. He was not acting like himself, even his energy signature was extremely strange... I have never seen something like this. Even after a great shock, one's reiatsu can't change that much. It sounds like it was not really him at all...

This is very preoccupying. But even Yama-jii doesn't really seem to know how to deal with the situation. His decision to bring all humans with a high reiatsu to Soul Society is going to cause lots of trouble, I am afraid. But I suppose the war can't be avoided at this point... There is no choice but to get ready for it.

In this situation, I can't really blame Byakuya for being worried about his sister. Even though his trying to make me order Nanao-chan to bring Rukia-chan back immediately was probably not the cleverest move he's ever made, I suppose... He knew I could not do that; Rukia-chan is not in my division, and I trust Ukitake to take the right decisions for her...

Speaking about Ukitake, he just went to visit me and invited me to his quarters... I guess I can't refuse this, can I? ^^ And I'm going to take advantage of the fact that Nanao-chan isn't here and bring a bottle of fine sake...

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